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National Diabetes Awareness Month

All through November we are celebrating National Diabetes Month! This year, National Diabetes Month is all about the small steps you can take that will make a big difference in reducing your risk for diabetes. Prevention is key, especially since 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. have prediabetes and many don’t even know it.

At this point you may be wondering, what is prediabetes? Prediabetes is a condition when blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not yet at a diabetic level. It is a warning sign that type II diabetes may be in the future without lifestyle changes. While the term “lifestyle changes” can sound intimidating, small steps such as choosing healthier foods and drinks or moving more can not only prevent prediabetes from progressing into type II diabetes by lowering your blood sugar these changes will additionally help to decrease inflammation within your body caused by the elevated blood sugar levels.

Prediabetes and diabetes can be difficult to navigate on your own, but fortunately GLIM is here to help. GLIM’s certified functional medicine practitioner Maureen M. Milota, APRN, is a certified diabetes educator who can uniquely support you through the steps to reduce your risk of diabetes.

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