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National Suicide Prevention Week

National Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th. Help is available to everyone: call 988 for support.

September is synonymous with the start of a new school year, the tightening of pennant chases, and the kickoff of our favorite football teams but September is also important to shed light on a topic that is often kept in the dark. Every 11 minutes someones dies by suicide in the United States. September is a crucial month for the mission of suicide prevention: the month of September is National Suicide Prevention month, National Suicide Prevention Week is September 4-10, and National Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th. During this month, awareness is spread about suicide, which is a leading cause of death. Stories are shared by people who have lost loved ones, who have suicidal thoughts themselves, or who have been impacted by suicide in another way. The goal is to spread the message that suicide can be prevented because help is available.

Feelings of hopelessness, medication side effects, or other factors can cause a person to consider suicide as an answer to their problems. However, suicide is never the answer. If you are in need of immediate help call 911 or 988, which is the national suicide prevention hotline. If you feel that you, or someone you know, are at risk for suicide, please talk to a trusted friend, teacher or family member about getting professional assistance as you are not alone. There are people who care and who are available to help.

A suicide deterrent net is currently being built on the Golden Gate Bridge in California and its expected budget is $211 million. On average, 30 people die by suicide there each year and hundreds more are stopped by bridge patrollers. With a budget this big there’s the hope that it will have an equally large impact. However, this deterrent net isn’t really getting at the root problem: mental health. As an integrative medicine practice, GLIM practitioner Maureen Milota is ready to partner with you and provide non-judgemental medical care to get to the root cause of your issues. Ms. Milota is currently adding to her medical expertise by completing an advanced fellowship in integrative psychiatry. Ms. Milota offers a comprehensive approach to help identify and treat nutritional and neurotransmitter imbalances that may be contributors to feelings of suicide. Please schedule a free call to discuss GLIM’s method for mental wellbeing here.

Contact GLIM to learn more about an integrative medicine approach to mental wellbing.

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