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Summer Produce: Farmer's Markets and CSAs

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One of the first things we think of when we think of summer is all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Summer squash, watermelon, and berries are just a few foods that make an appearance on summertime kitchen tables. While you can find summer produce in almost any grocery store, try exploring your local farmer’s market or farm CSA. Nothing beats the flavors you get from locally grown produce that has been picked at its peak! You may even find some new fruits and vegetables to try!

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm allows you to buy a share of the farm’s harvest and pick up your portion of produce on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Farm CSAs can be lots of fun because every week different fruits and vegetables will be ripe and ready to pick! It is a great way to add variety, try new foods, and change up your weekly routine.

Another option if you do not have access to a farm CSA is exploring a local farmer’s market. Most cities and towns will have a farmers market, and depending on where you live they could be seasonal or year-round. Like farm CSAs, farmer’s markets also offer a great opportunity to taste new foods and to buy in season local produce. Typically, they also feature locally-made products, such as jams, jellies, and local honey. You may even have the chance to meet the farmers who grow your produce.

Farm CSAs and Farmers markets are fantastic ways to enjoy local produce and connect with your community. They are the perfect place to buy foods to eat during your 14-day detox and to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. For more nutrition advice or more information on the 14-day detox, contact GLIM today!

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