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Welcome GLIM Interns!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Welcoming our new interns who will further support your health journey!

Great Lakes Integrative Medicine (GLIM) is excited to welcome its first ever intern cohort this winter! Interns from around the country and world are virtually joining GLIM to learn more about integrative and functional medicine and to work with a woman-owned business. We can't wait to see what they bring to the team!


My name is Cassondra and I am a current senior studying chemical engineering. I am passionate about the intersections between holistic health, the environment, and regional food systems. Through my internship work, I hope to inspire people to become more conscious of the connections between what they eat and their overall wellbeing. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking, art, and philosophy.


Hi! My name is Samantha, and I am a Junior at Notre Dame. I am a Neuroscience and Behavior major, so I am specifically interested in the brain, but I also love the health and nutrition aspect of science. I love to learn, read and spend time in nature, especially with friends and family. I am thrilled to be working with the Great Lakes Integrative Medicine Team to learn more about this practice, and also to promote this holistic approach to people everywhere who can benefit from it. Health and wellness are extremely important to our everyday lives, and therefore should be emphasized and prioritized. I am so excited to work with my team, to hopefully make a difference in the health of people around us!


My name is Lauren, I am a sophomore biology major at the University of Notre Dame and I’m super excited for the opportunity to work with Great Lakes Integrative Medicine this winter. I currently live in Clifton Park, a suburb outside of Albany, NY. When I find time to take my nose outside of my textbooks, I love to run, exercise, and cook. The Food Network is my guilty pleasure and I am always searching for new recipes that blend with my love of nutrition. My passion for happy, healthy living inspired my decision to intern for GLIM to broaden my knowledge while also helping others.

After studying biology, I hope to pursue a career in medical research. I began working towards this goal by joining the Boone Lab of Indiana University South Bend this past fall, where I am contributing to IBD research. This fascination inspired me to focus on the autoimmunity sector of integrative medicine to acquire new knowledge on another approach to relieving the symptoms of diseases related to my research. I am fascinated by integrative medicine as a holistic approach that takes the whole patient into perspective before treatment. My personal experience bouncing around between physicians, practices, tests, and medications has piqued my interest in this field. I am looking forward to sharing the message of GLIM and contributing to their goals towards improving the health and well-being of others!


Hi! My name is Nicole and I am an international student from Mumbai, India, studying Neuroscience and Behavior at the University of Notre Dame. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Science and plan on going to Medical school after I graduate. I am passionate about wellbeing and mental health advocacy. On-campus, I am a research assistant at the Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab, the wellness commissioner in my residence hall, and a member of the International Student Admissions Board. Apart from that, I love trying my hand at new recipes, playing the piano, traveling, and meeting new people.


Hi! My name’s Isabella and am excited to be part of the GLIM team this winter. I am a Management graduate student from the University of Notre Dame, where I also completed my undergraduate career in Science-Business. I’m from Mexico and lived in Texas for a while before I decided to leave for the Midwest, who knew I’d love the region as much as I do today. When not studying or working, I enjoy spending time with my family either virtually or in-person. I also like to play the piano in my time off to destress and love reading novels—be it in Spanish, English, or French. During the past 8 months, I decided to start learning Portuguese on my own and I took up running—which I quite enjoy, contrary to what I had believed. I’m looking forward to helping out in GLIM using the skills I’ve gained so far while continuing my education regarding the benefits integrative medicine can have on a person’s health. I think a holistic approach to medicine is crucial in every individual’s life and the sooner we include it into our daily habits the better results we’ll see in the long run.


Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a junior attending the University of Notre Dame with a major in biochemistry and Spanish. I am planning to pursue a career as a physician and am excited to work with Great Lakes Integrative Medicine in order to gain exposure to the medical field and particularly to integrative and functional medicine. Integrative medicine is important to me because I believe in the philosophy of treating the patient as a whole rather than simplifying treatment to the disease. Integrative medicine’s focus on optimizing the lifestyle of the individual is of particular interest to me as it coincides with my hobbies of yoga, running and cooking. I also have a strong passion for working with underserved communities. I am looking forward to seeing what my time as part of the GLIM team has in store!


Hi! My name is Jordan and I am so excited to intern with GLIM. I graduated from Saint Mary’s College in 2019 and am currently pursuing a master’s in global health from Notre Dame. A fun fact about me is that I studied abroad in Rome, Italy! As I will be attending medical school next fall, I want to learn about how integrative medicine can help patients in a more holistic way. To me, integrative medicine means looking at all aspects of life that influence health and creating a partnership between patient and provider.

If you are interested in learning more about GLIM and integrative and functional medicine, contact us today.

To your best health!

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