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Celebrating National Nurse Practitioner Week

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Celebrating exceptional health care providers

November 8 - 14 is National Nurse Practitioner Week 2020! National Nurse Practitioner (NP) Week is held annually to celebrate these exceptional health care practitioners and to push for NPs to receive greater legal measures so that they can practice to the full extent of their experience and education.

NPs focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education

Nurse Practitioners are working diligently to address social determinants of health and to increase access to health care for patients nationwide. There are more than 290,000 NPs licensed in the United States, and 99.1% of them have graduate degrees, as well as advanced education and clinical training beyond their registered nurse preparation. NPs focus on health promotion, diseases prevention and health education and counseling, guiding patients to make smarter health and lifestyle choices.

GLIM's very own NP, Maureen Milota, APRN, NP-C

Nurse Practitioners provide a full range of services, such as ordering, performing and interpreting diagnostic tests; diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions; prescribing medications (NPs hold prescriptive privileges in all 50 states and DC) and treatments; and managing overall patient care.

National Nurse Practitioner week has an even greater focus in 2020, the Year of the Nurse and amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Nurse Practitioners are fighting for you, because everyone deserves a champion who knows them, who listens, who diagnoses, prescribes, and treats. On the front lines, in clinics, in hospitals, in homes, and on your screens, thank you to all of our NPs! A special shout out to NPs who are also veterans; we thank you for your service.

As we celebrate Nurse Practitioners this week and throughout 2020, consider choosing an NP as your health care provider. As clinicians who blend clinical expertise with an emphasis on disease prevention and health management, NPs bring a comprehensive perspective to patient care.

Sign up for your free intro call with Great Lakes Integrative Medicine today to see if we are a good fit and can work together in 2020 and beyond.

To your best health!

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