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Do you have a Regina George in your life?

Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person and a safe school environment is critical for wellness.

Whether you’re excited or anxious about school starting, GLIM is here to ensure that you stay healthy during the upcoming months. As an integrative medicine practice, GLIM focuses on the whole person, including physical and mental wellbeing. Changes, such as going back to school, can be stressful for both the parent and the student. An unfortunate cause of stress is bullying. Although we hope that you never experience bullying, we want to provide some tips for parents and students on preventing bullying from having serious effects.

As a person not actually experiencing bullying it can be easy to dismiss the affected person and just say “ignore it”. However, if your child tells you they are being bullied, it is important not to dismiss their feelings. After validating your child’s feelings by giving them your attention, you should have a discussion with them on how to move forward with the situation. For example, if your child is younger it could be a good idea to talk to their teacher so that a mediated discussion between the bully and your child can occur. In this situation, it is important to make sure that you are involving your child in the discussion and not simply talking to the teacher for them; this teaches independence and demonstrates problem-solving skills. If your child is older (middle school or high school), be extra appreciative that your child is confiding in you but still encourage them to reach out to an authority figure. It can be very easy to try to solve their problem by talking to the teacher yourself, but encourage them to involve a counselor or a teacher themselves so that they feel more in control of the situation.

As a student being bullied, self-esteem and confidence can suffer. Words hurt but it can lessen the sting if you remember that they are coming as a result of insecurity in the bully and not you. It is a good idea to involve a trusted adult in the situation just so that you have someone to talk to and get advice from. Bullying can be isolating so making sure that you feel supported is very important. A trusted adult may encourage you to have a mediated discussion with the bully to see if the issue can be solved that way. If this method isn’t effective, there are many other ways to get help. Outside sources can become involved and there will always be people willing to help you.

Bullying is a serious issue and if you’re experiencing bullying and feel that you don’t have anyone to talk to, check out this website or call a bullying hotline. If you’re thinking of harming yourself, there are so many resources, such as the suicide prevention hotline. GLIM is also here to help you with all of your mental health issues. To read more about the GLIM approach to mental health click here.

If you would like to learn more contact GLIM to discuss an integrative medicine approach to your full wellness.

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