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What about Oral Health?

Oral health day was March 20th, and the importance of oral health is becoming increasingly apparent as the connection between the oral microbiome and brain health is better understood.

Our mouths are home to approximately 700 species of bacteria!

A balanced oral microbiome protects us from diseases. Insufficient hygiene or poor dietary habits alter this microbiome and can increase the likelihood of conditions including cavities, gum disease, dementia, types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

With approximately 10 million new cases worldwide each year, the relationship between oral health and dementia is of particular interest. The oral-nasal environment is connected directly to the brain via the trigeminal and olfactory nerves as well as indirectly through our body’s cardiovascular system.

When the oral microbiome is not fending off unwelcomed bacteria, they can enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain or the infection produces an inflammatory effect in the body which can lead to neurodegeneration over time.

So how do you maintain the health of your oral microbiome? GLIM can recommend microbiome supporting toothpaste to use with daily brushing, as well as diet and lifestyle changes to lead you to your overall best oral and overall health-schedule your free introductory consultation today!

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