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What is leaky gut? Filling in the Gaps with GLIM

It may sound like a symptom of a gastrointestinal illness, but recent studies reveal a strong relationship between leaky gut and the onset of various autoimmune diseases. Until recently, it was believed that the small intestine consisted of impermeable tight junctions that kept everything “in its place”. Research has instead shown that over time, gaps can form in this lining, resulting in the penetration of digested food, or even toxins, into the bloodstream. As a result, inflammation can occur and the immune system is more susceptible to the onset of disease: A concept since referred to as “leaky gut”. With a genetic predisposition, all it takes is a strong enough trigger (such as illness, divorce, antibiotic, food sensitivity, toxin exposure,etc) to result in autoimmune diseases. This cascade of events has been studied in diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to Diabetes, Arthritis, Celiac and more.

Whether you’re currently battling autoimmune disease, have a genetic predisposition, or simply want to keep your body strong, everyone can benefit from reducing their intestinal permeability. Research has suggested a variety of approaches, from alcohol reduction to increasing the “good” intestinal bacteria or other lifestyle changes. To learn more about how you can manage and cure leaky gut, schedule a free introductory consultation with our certified functional medicine practitioner at GLIM today.

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