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Yoga for Digestion

This blog is part of the Fall 2021 Detox Kickoff with GLIM!

Have you ever enjoyed your lunch, sat back down at your desk to continue working, and felt the dreaded pang of indigestion? What do you do? Loosen your belt a notch, maybe? Sip some warm tea? Many of us are working from home these days, and this may give us the opportunity to incorporate a few moments of healing movement when we find ourselves in this position! Yoga poses can assist with digestion by increasing circulation, reducing stress and tension, and gently stimulating energy in your core organs.

Paired with conscious breathing and engagement of the abdominal muscles, the following poses can ease cramps and bloating while encouraging that lunch to move along.2,3 As always, be mindful of your body’s needs: pause your practice and consult your healthcare provider if you experience any pain or severe tension.

Here is a simple vinyasa to start--be sure to check out the links below for an in-depth explanation of each of the poses.

These poses are great for the occasional digestive issue, but chronic difficulties may be the result of a deeper gut imbalance! Contact GLIM to learn more about gut imbalances and how we can help you along your best health journey.

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