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This blog is part of the Fall 2021 Detox Kickoff with GLIM!

Many are familiar with the household remedy for an upset stomach: Ginger ale. Some have debunked this myth, while others stand by the spicy bubbles as the ultimate cure. Beyond its healing powers in the realms of digestion, studies of ginger have actually uncovered even more applications, such as a natural treatment for autoimmune disorders.

A number of phytochemicals found in ginger play a significant role in the reduction of inflammation- one of the hallmark characteristics of autoimmune diseases. Ginger has been shown to inhibit inflammatory pathways and manage symptoms of irritable bowel disease (IBD), Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even cancer (Rothwell Kelly 2019). Ginger can be added to one’s diet in recipes utilizing ginger root or ground ginger, as well as taken as a supplement or tea. Search “ginger” in the GLIM FullScripts page for a number of available supplements at 25% off! Check out the awesome recipe attached from The Ginger People®️ to begin healing your body naturally and reducing inflammation today. And no need to be intimidated on peeling fresh ginger because once you watch this short video you will be a pro!

The benefits from ginger also make it a great tool for detoxing! Learn more about detoxing and the 14-Day Detox by contacting GLIM for a free introductory call to discuss how detoxing can work for you.

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